Our mission is to encourage developmental growth in a living, safe and all-inclusive environment. Experience excellent childcare where education and play go hand in hand. Registrations are now open to pre-kinder from age 2 to kindergarten students up to age 6.

Our goal is to strengthen students’ curiosity, self-confidence,
social skills, and give them best safe atmosphere.

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Daycare is great… children make it special.

A Safe and Creative Environment

Qualified staffed in order to foster the mental and physical development of young children.

Promote Educational Growth

Through our Daycare Program, children of all ages are provided with opportunities to come out of their shells and to develop their expressive language through a variety of activities that promote educational growth.

Parents/Guardians as partners

We view parents/guardians as partners in our continuous attempt to bring the best daycare experience. Our goal is to collaborate with parents/guardians in order to focus on what really matters – the kids.


About US

Developmental needs of children

Helping your child to develop and learn through fun and creative activities.


Social Interaction

A variety of our classes focuses on language development which will allow children to interact with positively with other peers. We believe that the children need to increase their relationships with peers outside their family in order to get accustomed to social environments. Classes like reading, story telling, journal writing and show and tell will allow children to get accustomed to these situations.


Physical Education

With our large facilities children will be constantly active. Physical activities include
1. Rock climbing,
2. Riding tricycles,
3. Aerobic exercise & Variety dance,
playing in our indoor and outdoor play structures.


Educational Classes

Our mission is to encourage developmental growth in a living, safe and all inclusive environment. Experience excellent childcare where education and play go hand in hand. Classes such as language, math, and pre-science will allow children to develop skills that they will need in future.


Emotional Development

At Treehouse Daycare we strive to guide the children to grow up to be responsible adults. Our teachers will try their upmost best to not only provide support for the children but to create strong connections with the children on an individual basis.

Our Philosophy

Edmonton TreeHouse Daycare

Treehouse Indoor Playground North Edmonton Daycare Program offers
a safe and creative environment with qualified staffed in order to foster
the mental and physical development of toddlers and young children...,



We offer full-day programs so your child can expand their reading, math, music, art and computer skill. There will be also various “Field Trips” throughout the day for children to let loose in our play facility.

We are specialized in the age groups from Toddlers to Kindergartens.

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Assist in planning the environment and the activities

Children are free to choose from age-appropriate activities including art, music, language, pre-math, science, nature, and drama. Children develop self-esteem, independence, and problem-solving skills as they make choices and assist in planning the environment and the activities.

Activities like crawling, walking, running, throwing, catching, climbing, jumping, and balancing will develop gross motor skills. Activities such as building with blocks, stringing beads, drawing, and painting will help with the development of their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and their sense of direction. These same skills are the same skills that are needed for reading, writing, and math. We promise to embrace your child's development at this peek time and assist in building a strong foundation for growth.
Benefits from our program and child focuses team are as follows:

  • Community inclusion
    Make all efforts to enroll children with additional support needs.
  • Inclusive environment
    Set up and make changes to the program so all children can access areas, use materials, and participate in activities.
  • Individual focussed
    Respond to the abilities and needs of each child to ensure that the environment is suitable for all of our children.
  • Family centered practice
    Families are encouraged to take part in making decisions about their children and our program.


Toddler Class (19mon. - 2yrs.)

Our Toddler program promotes the child’s social skills, empowering him/her to speak up and problem solve for themselves, to build friendships and a sense of belonging. The daily schedule is set to ensure a respect for order and a sense of responsibility for one’s self and one’s place in the group.

Our Toddler Program is a modified version of our Preschool Program focusing on developmental charts and assessments to ensure that Pre Alberta curriculum are being met and that Innate Intelligences identified are utilized as a tool to help children learn information in a way that is useful to them; thus ensuring retention.

Our Toddler and Preschool programs have been developed to ensure positive early experiences with school in order to create positive attitudes towards learning.


Tree Class (Pre-Kinder 2.5yrs. - 3.5yrs.)

Children at this age group are always testing their knowledge, asking questions and seeking answers. They are observing everything and will often surprise you by what they remember.

With that in mind we would like to tailor Tree Class to further ignite children’s curiosity. Not only will we teach letter sounds and memorize the alphabet but we shall try to gain an full body understanding on the basics to reading and language development.

We will also educate pre-kinder with numbers, colors, shapes and other knowledge that is important. Our program at this level goes beyond fundamentals and teaches kids the skills to be inventors, leaders, and artists as they tackle real world (age-appropriate) problems.

We will also focus on creative educational development that leads to the discovery of interests and increase the development of interpersonal skills. Teachers, parents, and children will work together to create an individualized learning plan as children prepare for Kindergarten.



House Class (Kindergartens 4yrs. - 6 yrs.)

Children at this age are investing in their work and eager to take their projects to the next level. They yearn for opportunities that will challenges them. They are mess makers with purpose. They explore, record, and make hypothesis. They want to know more, learn more, and experience everything.

In our House Kindergarten programs, we focus on communication skills, social skills, emotional development, cognition skill and collaboration in our curriculum set up. We continue to implement individualized learning plans into student projects so they are challenged in meaningful ways. They continue to build on concepts in literacy, mathematics and science through creative arts and hands on activities.



the children well-nourished throughout the day

Treehouse Daycare provides a nutritional breakfast (yogurt/muffins/waffles/ cereal, juice, milk etc.) Children must arrive by 8:30 am to receive a Treehouse breakfast. An assumption is that all children arriving later than 8:30 am will have already ate breakfast.

All special dietary need for children needs to be made aware to us prior to the start of your child’s Daycare program so that we may accommodate their special needs. If there is any substitution of meals/snacks from parents/guardians, we only ask that you please send something healthy.


Experience childcare as it should be.

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Knowledgeable in the field of child development

understanding of the importance of adult and children relationships.

Our policies are communicated to our staff through our handbook. All teachers must sign the handbook to acknowledge that they have read, comprehend and will abide by the handbook.

Well being & enjoyment

Parents/staff communication is of upmost importance for your child’s well being and enjoyment in our program. Please let us know of what is happening in your child’s life when they are at home and we will also fully disclose all information of events happening at the centre.

Participate in the program

With more information we can assess how the children are feeling at adapt our program to their needs. Parents are invited and encouraged to participate in the program by volunteering and/or visiting the center. Pay attention to our bulletin board, we will post special messages regarding classes, classrooms, attendance lists, etc. Printed messages will be given to parents regarding any special issues/events that occurred during the day.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Pre-Kinder and kindergarten- What is the ratio?

    A: Program#1 Toddlers 8:2 teachers
    Program #2 Pre-Kinder 10:2 teachers
    Program #3 Kindergarten 7:1 teacher

  • Q. Are the playgrounds checked for safety?

    A: There are regularly scheduled safety checks on the equipment and surroundings in the playground. An annual inspection is also carried out by a certified playground inspector to ensure the highest playground safety standards.

  • Q: Does Treehouse Daycare have parent teacher interviews?

    A: Yes, twice year treehouse provides progress reports and parent teacher interviews. This will give you more insight to your child’s development and skills they have acquired.

  • Q. Pre-Kinder- Where does my child sleep?

    A: Each day the children will have a quiet rest time when they snuggle up and rest their tried bodies from the activities of the day. Each child has a cot standard podz like a small mat. Blankets and rest toy are provided from home.

  • Q. Pre-Kinder, and Kindergarten – Do you have field trips or special events?

    A: Yes and parents are encouraged to participate. We develop our field trip planner based on the themes and learning opportunities that are occurring in the classroom setting. Since treehouse indoor playground also has own events where we can join and participate. We utilize field or special events to enhance and extend the learning also to give children different atmosphere.

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